My reunion with Julia

Here’s an example of the kind of thing I called “supernatural” in a recent post.

First let me give you a little background. My girlfriend Julia and I became a couple 31 years ago but in 2004 we broke up and had no contact with each other for 14 years. About a year ago we reunited.

During our early years together, before our long separation, we evolved spiritually as a team, like two people walking a spiritual path hand in hand. Then during our 14 years apart we continued to evolve separately. Last year when we reunited we were amazed to see how much the other person had changed during those 14 years.

The night we got back in touch, on the phone, I was astonished by the size of the energy field around her body. My mind represented it as a white vortex about eight feet high and five feet wide. I wondered, “Was she always like this, and only now do I have the ability to see it? Or has her energy field grown? Or am I imagining it?”

After we finished talking that night I couldn’t fall asleep. As I lay on my bed white energy began to enter my body and fill it. I assumed it was the white energy from her body. From a distance it had appeared to be a white continuous fluid but now that I saw it close up I realized it was actually made of tiny silver particles like aluminized Mylar confetti. It was like tens of thousands of tiny shingles moving in my body.

As these glittering moving particles swirled inside me, my thoughts became disordered. It was like being inside a hurricane that affected my mind. I thought, “My God, if this is Julia’s energy, how does she live inside this?”

For some reason the energy seemed female to me. I had never experienced energy like this before, and it seemed like something that usually isn’t inside a male body. I thought, “Julia can probably handle it because she’s used to it and because her body is designed for it.”

My thinking became so impaired that I was confused about the simplest things. For example, at one point I realized that I couldn’t remember where a vagina is located in a woman’s body. (I was thinking about sex a lot due to reuniting with my girlfriend after 14 years of celibacy.) I was pretty sure it’s located where the legs come together but I couldn’t remember where the legs come together. I tried to figure it out. I was able to remember that a vagina is covered by underpants, but I wasn’t sure where underpants are worn. Then it occurred to me — in my delirious state I thought this was pretty clever — that I could figure it out by visualizing a woman stepping into her underpants one leg at a time and pulling them up. In this way I tried to solve the mystery.

For twelve hours I was demented like somebody who had suffered a brain injury. During that time I could see the silver particles swirling in me. I could feel them too. They felt like tiny bubbles in my arms and legs. This feeling was accompanied by a secondary feeling like an after image of touch rather than vision. Maybe I was feeling two different things: the bubbles themselves and a separate sensation caused by their effects.

After twelve hours my thinking became normal again but I began to feel sick. I had never felt sick in quite that way before so I assumed it was an effect of the energy. I lay in bed for another twelve hours, too sick to move.

After 24 hours the whole experience ended and the Goddess spoke to me. I was a little surprised to hear from her because she had mostly stopped talking to me a year or two earlier.

With her characteristic wry humor, she said, “You didn’t have to drink the whole thing in one gulp. You could have spaced it out over six months.”

Then she said, “You are now a protector of my girls.” I don’t know what that means.

I don’t think I’ve heard from her since that night. I wonder if that will turn out to be the last thing she ever says to me.

That event took place a year ago. I’m going to fast forward now to the present, to the day before yesterday. But first I want to explain briefly that over the past year, Julia and I have discovered that I can project energy/consciousness/love into her and cause her state of consciousness to change.

One of the ways we use this is that she asks me to kiss her heart chakra and I project love into her heart. Over time the way we do this has changed, and nowadays it feels like our hearts merge into one big field and we’re together inside it.

A couple of days ago while I wrote a long article about one of Julia’s vasanas, I asked her many questions. For hours she recalled childhood memories and deep feelings and described them to me. By the end of the day she was weepy and tender.

All day her heart was opening and opening and opening.

That night she asked me to kiss her heart chakra. As our hearts merged I decided to go even further and radiate energy into many parts of her body simultaneously. I had never done this before. I didn’t tell her I was doing this.

After a while I said, “Do you feel anything different than usual?”

She said, “Yes, it feels like your energy is all around me. Surrounding me.”

I kept radiating as forcefully as I could into many parts of her body.

After a little while she said, “Tiny diamonds are swirling around me, like little dots of bright silvery white light. Hundreds and hundreds of them.”

She had never experienced this before.

I asked her for details, and she said, “They have a metallic silvery color.” She also said, “It brings to my mind that beautiful snowstorm one evening this past winter when large snowflakes gently fell from the sky. It was so quiet and peaceful.”

I wonder if Julia was seeing the same energy that filled me a year ago. I described it at the time as “aluminized Mylar confetti.” Julia described her diamonds as “metallic” and “silvery.”

If so, it seems I was wrong when I assumed a year ago that the energy came from Julia. Maybe the Goddess gave it to me, and maybe now I’ve passed it on to Julia.

I need to interrupt for a minute and explain a piece of background information. Julia has the ability to see my energy body. I can’t see it. She says the color changes from day to day. I’ve gotten into the habit of asking her almost daily, “What color am I today?”

Back to the story. After we had talked about her swirling diamonds for a while, I asked, “What color am I?”

She laughed with surprise and said, “I don’t know. The diamonds are obscuring my view. I can’t see through them. All I can see are swirling diamonds.”

I said, “Oh great, I’ve given you my cataracts!”

Her ability to see me returned after 27 hours. By that time the diamonds had thinned out enough for her to see through them. In comparison, a year earlier, the effects of my Mylar confetti ended after 24 hours.

Photo by Rob Johns

3 thoughts to “My reunion with Julia”

  1. “The night we got back in touch, on the phone, I was astonished by the size of the energy field around her body.”
    How did you perceive her energy body through the phone? Are these experiences as you later describe through the eyes, or extra sensory?
    Also, I’m wondering what makes people start having/be capable of having such experiences. I think it may be related to concentration exercises on the chakras. I mean, one can root out vasanas and even become enlightened without ever experiencing such things…

    1. How did you perceive her energy body through the phone?

      I probably had my eyes closed. I saw the image in my mind. Distance doesn’t seem to affect this kind of thing.

      Also, I’m wondering what makes people start having/be capable of having such experiences.

      I don’t know a clear-cut answer for that. It’s partly just noticing the potential for this kind of experience and then the more you do it, the more it happens. In Julia’s case, she has been astral traveling since she was a girl. I can’t remember when it started happening to me. Maybe it was when I began to talk to the Goddess. Our conversations made use of this kind of perception. I wanted very much to hear her, and every time I made an effort to hear her, I was practicing the use of this kind of faculty.

      I think it may be related to concentration exercises on the chakras.

      I think that might help but I’d like to accompany this with a suggestion. I think it’s better to focus on things we perceive rather than try to see things we’ve only heard about or read about in books. If we start “looking” at energetic phenomena that we do perceive, eventually, over time, we will “see” more and more of that system.

      For example, if you can see your heart chakra, fine, go ahead and focus on it. But if you don’t see it, my advice would be to focus instead on whatever phenomena you do perceive in that area of the body.

      In other words, my advice is, look and see what you can find but don’t purposely imagine things.

      I mean, one can root out vasanas and even become enlightened without ever experiencing such things.

      I agree that people don’t have to do these sorts of things to get Self-realized. But I also think that some phenomena which people might classify as energetic or mystical or Tantric happen to everyone, but they don’t necessarily notice.

      Sometimes, even when the phenomena really happen, it’s better not to try to bring them about directly. I think this may be the reason why Ramana downplayed some of his own comments about the Heart Center in the right side of the chest.

      I’m writing about these things not because I think they’re necessary for Self-realization but only because I think they’re interesting and can be helpful.

  2. Thanks for the reply Freddie.

    “but only because I think they’re interesting and can be helpful.”

    Yes I understand. Thank you.

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