Ramana Maharshi boa_52

Imitating Ramana

From V. Ganesan’s book Ramana Periya Puranam: Sadhu Natanananda raged, “What a fool you are! What do you think you have come to Bhagavan for? For what function has he chosen you? It is only to make you like him!” Photo: Sri Ramanasramam catalog number boa_52

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T. N. Krishnaswami

Dr. T. N. Krishnaswami, known as Dr. TNK, took most of the photos in Sri Ramanasramam’s archives. In the 1930s when he was a medical student he came from Madras with friends to visit Sri Ramanasramam for the first time. He brought a camera and took this picture: People at the ashram liked the photo […]

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Ouspensky’s tragic mistake

Introduction added in 2019 During the two years since this article was published, a number of readers have posted comments below accusing me of misunderstanding Ouspensky. To those readers: this article is my reaction to a section of one of Ouspensky’s books which you can read for free at this link: Self Remembering by Ouspensky […]

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Ramana’s crucial secret

The title of this post refers to an article by Michael James. According to Michael: This is the crucial and extremely valuable secret that Sri Bhagavan [Ramana Maharshi] has revealed to us all about the nature of our ego or mind: If we attend to anything other than ourself, our mind will thereby rise and […]

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Vittala Temple, Hampi

A short love letter to India

India is the only human civilization that discovered Self-realization and created institutions to hand down that knowledge. India is the spiritual teacher of all humanity. Photo: Vitalla Temple in Hampi, Karnataka, India

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The greatest miracle

Pain hurts. This is the greatest miracle we know of. If this sounds strange, please read on. I picked pain for my example rather than sound or sight or blueness or impatience or orgasm or affection or a billion other phenomena which are equally miraculous only because English happens to have a peculiar word, ‘hurt’, […]

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