Modes of waking consciousness

Seventeen or eighteen years ago I made the most surprising and most important discovery of my life. I noticed for the first time that I had always been unconscious. During all the years I had been alive, during almost every waking minute, I had been lost in thought. When I say “unconscious” I don’t mean, […]

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The energy channel in the front of my body

There are many books and websites about structures in the energy body. Most of them repeat traditional ideas. For example, some of them describe seven main chakras, the sushumna, etc. — ideas from Indian Tantra. Others talk about meridians, collaterals, etc. — ideas from Chinese Daoism. Over the years I’ve experienced lots of energy phenomena […]

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I tried to grow tomatoes this summer

but planted them too late so looks like frost will kill them before we get any fruit.

I haven’t published anything here in a long time. A reader of this blog sent me an email recently, encouraging me to write. Because of his interest, I wrote a long email back to him explaining why I’ve stopped writing and saying a few other things besides. It occurs to me that other readers may […]

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