Walking Upanishads

A friend of mine just sent me an email that reminds me of a comment that somebody once made about Ramana Maharshi:

I think our Bhagavan has attained Self-realisation. Such beings are walking Upanishads.*

My friend wrote:

I don’t say that my (there’s really no ‘my’ I just see hands typing and thoughts being expressed) state is realisation or label it in any way.

What I can say is this: from this new standpoint the whole universal order is reversed. There is no longer an ego-self, seeing a world outside of itself. There is just pure identity within which ‘the world’ appears momentarily upon the rising of thought and then subsides back again when the thought is over. There is only the ‘I’ of the Self manifesting, no personal ‘I’. If that’s realisation, then I (for want of a better word) have a pretty bad [severe] case of it. So you see, this ‘turning around in the seat of consciousness’ is so drastic and unmistakable that there is no possibility of not recognising it if it happens.

My friend gave permission to post this and asked me not to state his name.

*Swami Sambuddhananda quoted in Day by Day with Bhagavan, 22-3-46 Afternoon.

Photo: Ramana Maharshi. Photographer unknown. Sri Ramanasramam catalog number boa_40.

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