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For the last couple of days I’ve been trying to start posting again after a hiatus because several people asked me to. I’m having a lot of trouble because the only thing that interests me nowadays is Self-realization and I’m not Self-realized so I can’t write about it.

When I say “Self-realization” I mean Ramana’s state.

Why can’t I write about it? Because I’ve always tried to follow a rule on this blog of writing only about things that I know firsthand from experience. I haven’t always stuck to that rule but I’ve tried. To break that rule would be like opening Talks With Sri Ramana Maharshi without washing my hands first.

This is why many posts on this site are about spiritual topics other than Self-realization. Such topics involve phenomena. Mental states. Objects. Things of which we are aware.

The series of posts about destroying vasanas is an example. They are based on my experiences (also some of my close friends’ experiences), and I think they contain valuable information for seekers, but they are not about Self-realization.

I seem to have run out of interest in topics of that kind. Nowadays all I care about is Self-realization.

I just looked back at all the posts on this blog for the last four years and I’m struck by how false a picture they present of what I’m interested in and how I pass my time. In fact almost the only thing I’m interested in is Self-realization, and this has been increasingly true for years. My guide in that pursuit since 1999 has been Sri Ramana Maharshi. Does this blog strike you as belonging to an obsessed follower of Ramana who tries to practice Self-enquiry during every waking minute? I suspect it doesn’t. Judging by the contents of this blog, I probably appear to be mainly interested in vasanas, kundalini, energy channels in the body, telepathy, dualistic experiences of God, siddhis, etc. There’s nothing wrong with those topics. All of them interested me at the time and some of them can probably be valuable to seekers. But they were always a sideshow for me and now I’ve lost interest in the sideshow.

If you’re wondering where this post is going, I am too.

4 thoughts to “My thoughts about this blog”

  1. Hello Freddie,
    this is Riccardo.

    I personally always felt that all you are interested in was Self-Realization/Enlightenment. All the rest seemed complementary to that.
    Also, I think that as most blogs go, it’s useful to have posts focused on topics which are a bit more distant from the main focus, although related, because they allow many more people to be driven in and then to talk to them about Self-Realization.



  2. Yes – quite correct. The blog does not give the impression of single-minded efforts in self enquiry based on Ramana’s Teachings. None the less, over the years there have been posts that are very valuable for my practice. and although I do not know you, I feel the spirit of companionship with a fellow mad practitioner. I deeply love the talks by Swami Atmananda Udsain; his satsangs he runs from time to time are all investigations of Ramana’s teachings. A rare gem:


  3. I think it would still be valuable to talk about what sticks with you about Ramana, and what you feel are your obstacles. I’m sure many could relate, or would be exposed to new ideas, or might have something useful to share.

    1. Hi Freddie,
      I am just a newbie but it almost seems what you are describing is an ego driving thing. A while ago I read something about “we will never get to a point when we are done” and another one, a Zen master also said “…enlightenment is capable of endless enlargement.”. You helped me tremendously, after reading one of your articles my meditation went to a new level. Again, just food for thought. I like to follow my own path and it is about enjoying the journey, helping people but again just an opinion, I am not right or wrong, just the way I choose to live my life.

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