Find the Source, Nisargadatta-style

People who read Ramana and Nisargadatta are sometimes surprised by the extent of the differences. But are the differences really so great or are they mostly a matter of vocabulary?

Ramana’s method is basically: Find the source of the I-thought and stay there until the I-thought dissolves. That source is your real identity.

Doesn’t this mean exactly the same thing as the advice Nisargadatta gave in the following dialog?

Question: So I have no salvation. I must witness all this trouble [body, thoughts, pain, etc.]?

Nisargadatta: Yes. You are to look straight at the face of it, the origin of it, the whole of it, and find out from where it is. Look at that center from where this knowledge has appeared on you. Concentrate on that only.

When you reach that core you will find rays of light emanating from it. Whatever you see is only the play of light. Merge into that center, be one with it… You are that center, and when you turn inside you will find that all the universe you see is only through that.

Source: Seeds of Consciousness, Sept. 8, 1979.

For another perspective you may enjoy ‘Maharshi and Maharaj – Acme and Ending of Advaita‘ by Anadi. I’m not endorsing it but I think it’s interesting.

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