The Hole

You live your life on the edge of a hole
incomprehensibly wide and deep.
The funny thing is that you think you’re not aware of the hole
when everything you do, see, know, and feel
including you itself
is merely your effort not to fall in.

You don’t have to find the hole.
It’s what you are really experiencing.
If you stop thinking about what you are experiencing
and simply experience
It’s right there.

When you make an effort to really taste a food
you don’t have to find the food.
You only have to notice.
The required effort is like that.

If ever once you really look at the hole
without precautions, reactions, guardedness, intentions, or impulses to control
it’s all over.

3 thoughts to “The Hole”

  1. Awesome! Simple yet profound. We all try our best not to fall into that Hole, but once we stop trying and let it go we do come out as Whole!

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