Quotes from Jan Frazier

Jan Frazier

There’s a reason little children don’t understand about time. They are really alive. Briefly.

The Great Sweetening, “Being Conscious”

One of the most conspicuous differences between my life now and my old life is this: Whereas before, my state of mind, my mood on any given day, in any given era, was determined primarily by external things, now it is the case that my inner situation seems to carry on independent of whatever influences come at me from without. The usual things take place in their usual way; it’s just that they don’t have the impact they used to. It’s a feeling of radical freedom.

Another way of saying it is that there is an inner situation that is not at the mercy of whatever is going on on the outside. I am in the world but not at the mercy of it.

When Fear Falls Away, September 14, 2004.


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