How to Wake the Igneous Power

By Tommaso Palamidessi

Freddie’s Introduction

The following instructions for igniting the “igneous power,” i.e., the kundalini, are taken from "The Meditation on the Sexual Sphere and the Ascesis: 12th Booklet" by Tommaso Palamidessi. I’ve reprinted Palamidessi’s instructions because it’s interesting to see that they match the experiences I describe in my article, The Day My Kundalini Woke Up.

Most of Palamidessi’s article consists of silly useless details like “whitened room,” "new moon,” “left heel,” etc. — these things don’t matter. But almost in passing, in paragraphs 10 and 11, he expresses the main idea that makes this technique work:

Pay attention to the head while simultaneously forcing the apana upward by creating contractions in the lower body.

His advice about chastity (in this context, this means refraining from having orgasms) may be useful to men but probably not to women. Men’s and women’s orgasms are different. However, I didn’t refrain from orgasms so we can conclude that it’s not a requirement.

You need to focus attention continuously on the head. In order to do this, your mind has be pretty quiet, otherwise it will distract you. Pranayama (breath exercises) can help make the mind quiet but you don’t need to follow Palamidessi’s precise instructions for pranayama. It’s better to understand the basic idea and then experiment and see what helps you and what doesn’t help you.

The whole of Palamidessi’s booklet is (or was) available on the website of the Archeosophical Association.

—Freddie Yam.

A Practical Guide to Meditate on the Root Center and to Awaken the Igneous Power. An Itinerary of Sexognosis of Three, Seven, or Forty Days

Introduction: this practice can be carried out alone or in two of different sex, using the law of the human and cosmogonic polarity.

1. The premise is that you have carried out the exercises of attention, concentration, meditation, abstraction, the correct rhythmic energetic breathing and prolonged retention of the breath; also, that you have purified the mind, heart and the sexual life with thoughts, words and deeds according to absolute Christic morality.

2. Choose an undisturbed place, a whitened room, bare and solitary. On the floor, place a square or round mat, or some blankets, to sit on in comfort.

3. The advisable time for the special meditation is between 9pm to 11pm, because the vital energy, at that time, flows more intensely along the respiratory, digestive and genital functions. If you cannot respect this time then do the exercises at other times. The other moments are: dawn, midday, dusk and midnight.

4. Do the exercises on an empty stomach, after having taken a warm shower or washed the hands, face, feet and genitals, reflecting on the symbolism of the water, which purifies the body and the psychic energy. Wear a large, white cotton tunic and be bare-footed.

5. The orientation of the sitting or kneeling is with the face and chest turned towards Jerusalem (from Rome, East- South East) or in a northern direction above Rome, because there is to be found /the “Grail”/is to be found there. Use a compass and a map of the zone or country where you live.

6. The best astronomical time to begin the exercise is at the New Moon, that is, the conjunction of the Sun with the Moon. If possible, check your personal birth horoscope, following the indications of Initiatic Astrology. It is certain that the energetic bodies (etheric, astral) and the physical body receive the astral influence which helps or obstructs dissociation.

7. Before beginning the meditation say the invocation, the call for the successful outcome of the experience, to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, to Christ, the Virgin, the Apostles, the seven Archangels, the Guardian Angel, to the Communion of all the Adepts. Do not pray only verbally but also with the mind.

8. At peace with all, after 40 days of absolute chastity, also in thoughts, having confessed and received communion, and having taken part in the Holy Mass, prepare yourself for the relaxation and the retreat of the senses, for the controlled breathing and for the meditation, which you must do first in the Frontal Center, then in the Cardiac and, at the end, in the Basal.

9. Kneel, place the heels below the buttocks, that is, sit on the heels. Keep the backbone straight like a plumb line, sway gently in all directions to find the perfect statue-like balance, hands joined palm to palm.

10. Fix your eyes between the eyebrows, at the root of the nose, empty the mind, and intensely imagine a light, a fire that turns into a blinding sun, see it with your consciousness. Do not be distracted. Fix and mentally call: “Christ, Your Kingdom come”. Say it uninterruptedly. When it appears, fix it, love it, contemplate it. Breathe slowly, following these times: inhale 1 second, hold the air in the lungs for 4 seconds, exhale for 2 seconds. Continue until the attention in the point of light is established. Repeat the formula, abandoning yourself to the breathing. Remain in this position and move down into the heart and transfer the consciousness there, that is, the light and Christ. Now, you must repeat the call in the Center of the heart, always marking the rhythm of the breathing. Insist for a long time. If the inner vision is perfect then the physical body will be deaf to noise and insensitive to the other disturbances caused by staying motionless; pass to the action on the Basal Center to awaken Kundalini and transfer the erosdynamic soul into the heart.

11. Press the left heel against the anus and the penis, place the thumb and the forefinger of the right hand at the height of the nostrils, preparing to make the movements of the closing and opening of each nostril, pressing alternately with the thumb and with the forefinger. This is the beginning of the control of the vital energies, with the control of the breathing, mentally directing these currents. To this purpose, supports can be used, such as, the letters of the holy alphabets (Hebrew, etc), symbols, visualized colors, names, which though being the work of imagination are then spontaneously substituted, after some training, by real inner processes.

The breathing can be of the uniform type, that is, (for both nostrils) 2-t-2t, or of progressive rhythm: t-4t-2t, that can become 4-16-8, then, 8-32-16. What does 2-t-2t mean? It means to inhale air and the vital energy, the so-called prana, for 2 seconds; hold the air and vital energy in the lungs for 1 second and exhale completely in 2 seconds. The same the progressive rhythm: inhale for 4 seconds, retain for 16 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds.

Let us go back to the uniform breathing. It is done so: close the right nostril with the thumb for 2 seconds and inhale through the left nostril, which is connected to the lunar or negative etheric artery (where the prana is bright and white); hold the breath, closing the nostrils simultaneously with the thumb and forefinger, for 1 second; then, exhale the positive prana (bright redorange) for 2 seconds through the right nostril, opening it by removing the thumb and leaving the forefinger on the other nostril; then, re-inhale, for 2 seconds, through the right nostril (where the red-orange vital force, in correspondence with the positive or solar etheric artery, flows), and so on. This practice must be repeated 4 times a day (early in the morning, at midday, evening and midnight), beginning with 10 retentions for each exercise, increasing by 5 retentions each day to arrive at 80 retentions in total. So, at the end, you reach 320 retentions of breathing in all. Sweat and tremor of the body will signal the maximum you can arrive to with a trained, controlled organism submitted to the will.

The times of inhaling, retention and exhaling can also be measured by mentally pronouncing and visualizing, in letters of vital fire, the name of “Jesus”.

12. At the same time, start the anal contractions. These are part of the control of the breathing. The anal sphincters are two circular muscles, one internal and the other external, in the rectum. The vital energy of the body, when the breath is held for a given time, is absorbed by its center in the sacro-coxygeous region or Basal Center. By contracting the anus and retaining the breath, the apana and the sexual energy are pushed upwards. Through long practice the low seminal current is blocked and the seed is sublimated into a superior energy which helps contemplation. With this practice, chastity becomes spontaneous. Anal contraction is done by resting the chin, strongly, tightly, at the base of the neck, contracting the circular muscles of the anus and inhaling, then, during the retention of the breath, intensifying the contraction and relaxing during the exhaling while the chin is lifted. At the moment of retention you imagine and see a torrent of fire which hammers the genetic energy in the basal Center.

With the locking of the chin at the end of the inhaling, during the retention of the breath, contract the throat and push the chin strongly against the neck, and visualize the violent descent of the prana towards the basal Center, coinciding with the anal contractions and the ascent of the apana. If all goes well, the two lateral etheric arteries (Ida and Pingala) will stop, the genetic power will hissingly rise with a terrible rumble. Keep accompanying this awakening with the visualization of a woman of fire who rises and rises, along the vertebral axis to the brain, where you will feel an explosion and a baking heat. It is the moment of liberation. The erosdynamic soul will be already unhinged and two intimate encounters will take place in you - one of energetic nature, the other of animic-spiritual nature.

13. To do all this needs courage and firmness, not falling under the illusion of mistaking the ecstasies of the immanent Cosmogonic Eros in your body with the union with the God. You are not pantheists. Learn how to distinguish the two ecstasies in one, that which comes from the awakening of the genetic power and that from the unification of the spirit-emotive soul with the freed erotic soul. It is the latter which matters. This is the meeting you will have in the Cardiac Center with the Avatar Jesus Christ: a true, living meeting from which you will emerge truly Re-born.

From the heart you will see, hear and think in a new, never-tried-before way, the way of Christ, incarnation of the Word. But the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the violent, to those who go beyond the mystical life: it belongs to those who are able to go beyond the waters of devotional emotionality, to those who know how to be Adepts.

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