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The other day I posted a picture of a black hole to illustrate the idea that Self-realization is like jumping into nothingness. My friend Padmé said, “Self-realization is the opposite of a black hole,” and she substituted a different picture. Here are the two pictures with mine on top and hers below:

The two pictures remind me of Richard Rose’s description of his moment of Self-realization:

And then I experienced nothingness. I found oblivion. And it was really a shock. I thought, “Oh boy, you wanted the answer — and it’s nothing.” But in the middle of that, while I was doing this, while it was happening, I knew I was watching it…

And I knew, in the middle of this, that I was observing the whole thing. And that’s when I knew I was immortal. I was nothing, and I was everything — simultaneously.

Question: Was this God?

Rose: I felt that if this is God, he’d be lonely.

I love that last line.

Padmé’s full description is here.

Rose’s full description is here.

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    1. Yeah it is, isn’t it? I spent about half an hour the other day trying to track down the artist on the Internet but no luck. It’s been copied to so many websites that I couldn’t find the source. It would be nice if people would embed the artist’s name in the filename when they steal a picture as a way of crediting them.

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