Quotes from Sadhu Om

Sadhu Om

The place (or state) where even the slightest trace of the thought ‘I’ (‘I am this, that, the body, Brahman and so on’) does not exist, alone is Self. That alone is called Silence (maunam).

The Path of Sri Ramana, Part One, chapter 8

163. If this “I,” the self-rising ego-appearance, is destroyed by the inquiry “Who am I?”, then everything else, which till then appeared only in him (in the mind) but which was seen as if existing outside of him, will cease to exist. The ever-existing Whole or purna, which then shines forth as “I-I,” the blissful existence which neither appears nor disappears, is the real Self, the true import of the word “I.”

Sadhanai Saram

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