Quotes from Nisargadatta


To be aware is to be awake. Unaware means asleep. You are aware anyhow, you need not try to be. What you need is to be aware of being aware. Be aware deliberately and consciously, broaden and deepen the field of awareness. You are always conscious of the mind, but you are not aware of yourself as being conscious.

I Am That, Chapter 48, p. 220

All that one has to do is find out one’s source and take up headquarters there.

Prior to Consciousness

Give all your attention to the question: ‘What is it that makes me conscious?’, until your mind becomes the question itself and cannot think of anything else.

I Am That, Chapter 86

With consciousness you have to hold consciousness. Give attention to this "I" taste.

Seeds of Consciousness, Aug. 16, 1979

Maharaj: How do you focus attention on consciousness? Consciousness itself has to focus.

Questioner: That is what I meant.

Maharaj: Understand consciousness and come to the conclusion that consciousness is not yourself.

Seeds of Consciousness, Aug. 18, 1979

You have to meditate. It won't be available free. The necessary threshold is through consciousness only. You have to imbibe and be consciousness. In the process of being in the consciousness, you come out of it, and there you see; and meditation is the only remedy.

Seeds of Consciousness, Aug. 18, 1979<

Questioner: Is there the need for the mind to become quiet?

Maharaj: You are before the mind is. Don't pay attention to the thoughts, pay attention to the consciousness. Thoughts will always flow because of the vital breath. Whatever thoughts are useful to you, you can make use of.

Questioner: Is it possible to attain a state where the mind is still?

Maharaj: Yes, that state you experience in deep sleep also. Through meditation you will attain it.

Questioner: There is no process involved?

Maharaj: With greatest interest you get absorbed in your Self. By giving attention only to your "I" consciousness you can reach it. Without giving attention to the body, but to the sense "I am."

Questioner: Is there a way as such? Each individual has his own path, doesn't he?

Maharaj: Your urge is to know your Self; I tell you the direct way.

Seeds of Consciousness, Aug. 25, 1979

But once the attention is fixed on the substratum of consciousness, there is nothing left.

Seeds of Consciousness, Aug. 27, 1979

Think of that which is the center of the cosmos; don't let your attention stray in any way from this knowledge of beingness, "I Am."

Seeds of Consciousness, Aug. 27, 1979

If you want this experience you must insist on your Self, your own Atma-prema [Self-love]. Don't leave it for a moment. You insist. Do not pray to Gods or Goddesses, only see One. Keep on knowing that "I Am" and through that insistence you will know the state that you want to reach.

Seeds of Consciousness, Aug. 27, 1979

You are the knower, not the doer.

Seeds of Consciousness, Aug. 27, 1979

The beginning of duality is when you know you are. This is the primary duality, the very source of illusion.

Seeds of Consciousness, Sept. 6, 1979

When self-control becomes second nature, awareness shifts its focus to deeper levels of existence and action.

I Am That, Chapter 12, p. 32

All happiness comes from awareness.

I Am That, Chapter 59, p. 278


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