Quotes from David Carse

David Carse

Who is the ‘I’ that Is, in Stillness? That is what you want.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness, Part 2, Chapter 5

But of course here as always the truth is radical; since awakening is the realization that there is no one here to awaken, then the letting go, the surrender, is of one’s entire individual existence.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness, Part 2, Chapter 6

In fact, our ideas of love are much more tainted than we care to admit with concepts and feelings of involvement, specialness, ownership, exclusion, need, caring, guilt. We think of caring as something important, something of the heart. But caring is only involvement, anxiety, attachment to outcome. It is a misperception that we need to care about this illusory existence, this dream, or that things need to matter. This only generates worry, anxiety, confusion and feelings of separation and guilt. It does no good to the person we ‘care’ for, only perpetuates their own involvement in the dream. This is not love. Our claim to love only limits ourselves and those we try to love.

Love is not a basis for involvement. Love is neutrality; it is the true absence of judgments, censorship, desires, worry. It is our True Nature, All That Is, Presence. It is a reminder that nothing matters. When there is awareness of being always the Presence of this Perfect, uninvolved, neutral Love, there is “the Peace that passes all understanding.”

Perfect Brilliant Stillness, Part 2, Chapter 8

There is a stunningly beautiful simplicity to it all. You can say, “Awakening is the understanding that there is no one to awaken. There is no individual here doing anything. Consciousness is all there is.” And you will have expressed the totality of the teaching. That’s really all there is to this.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness, Part 3, Chapter 15

Awakening is simply the Understanding that there is no one here to awaken.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness, Part 3, Chapter 18

When you step out of what you are not, what remains is not something you have to become, but what you always already are. That is why there is nothing you have to do, or become, or learn, or practice, or work at, or purify. It is completely effortless to be in your natural state. What is full of difficult, constant effort is maintaining this false and unnatural idea of being somebody, of being an individual, a separate something. You are a non-entity! Let it go! When it is let go of, you rest in the effortlessness of All That Is, of what could be called vour natural state.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness, Part 4, Chapter 24

If you stop, something amazing happens. The individual stops being involved, stops acting; and amazingly, everything continues to happen. Without ‘you’ doing it. Because, surprise, ‘you’ were never doing it.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness, Part 5, Chapter 30

One person says, “I’m glad you came.” And the other answers, “Who? Who is glad?” And I think, the Advaita thought police never sleep.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness, Part 5, Chapter 31

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